Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to welcome you to attend the 3rd V2V Blood Transfusion Medicine Course and Workshop which will place on the 6 th -7 th April 2019 at Riyadh Hyatt Regency Hotel. This event is a continuation of the successful events held in Jeddah and al Khobar. The Course will be
enriched with multiple topics presented by a group of experts in the field. It will offer a unique
learning experience and skills update as well as an opportunity to communicate with colleagues
from all over the region.

Please help us spread the word about this 3rd V2V Blood Transfusion Medicine Course and
Workshop and reach more target participants.

We look forward to seeing you in Riyadh 6 th -7 th April 2019. Your participation will guarantee itssuccess and help us to improve our patient care throughout the kingdom.

Thank you,

Dr. Kamel Mohammad Alharshan,
Riyadh Regional Laboratory Director 
Transfusion Medicine Consultant

Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,
Among the current problems in transfusion medicine, lack of advance practices and knowledge has been the most reported worry worldwide. Even the “heavy practitioners” have suffered from it. Knowledge in the branch of transfusion medicine has been progressively revolutionized. Standard practices in the past are now being considered unfitting. Our objective is to rectify this problem by updating our skill set. As transfusion professionals, our goal is to stop these inappropriate practices and uplift our level of transfusion practices to be in line with current evidence-based medicine. Our focus is to ensure patient safety and improve outcomes through this education. Our plan is to hold this course several times a year and reach out to everyone in our beloved domain.

Thank you,

Dr. Abdulmajeed Abdulaziz Alabdullateef
Medical Director of Central Blood Bank
Transfusion Medicine Consultant

Welcome Note

Why did we think about this course?

Lack of knowledge about Transfusion Medicine has been reported worldwide among
health professionals even among those who are described as “heavy prescribers”. 

This knowledge has been revolutionized progressively. Many of what was once considered astandard practice would be considered a very inappropriate practice today.  All of this
gave us as transfusion professionals the sense of mission to elevate the level of transfusion
practices to be in line with evidence-based medicine. Ensuring patient safety and improving outcomes is the ultimate goal of all these efforts.  Our aim is to be able to conduct such course several times a year and be able reach out to everyone in our beloved kingdom.

About The Course

This is the first course of its kind to be held in Saudi Arabia.

The course aims to guide clinicians of all specialties in developing best practices and grow essential knowledge in transfusion medicine. It is well proven that such an educational approach will significantly reduce unnecessary risks to patients and relieve unnecessary costs on health system.

The course will contain lectures that cover all aspects of blood transfusion from Vein to Vein as well as interactive sessions.

Why to attend?

Blood transfusion is among the most common medical procedures.   Nevertheless, since medical school, physicians receive little or no formal training in transfusion medicine.

Therefore, studies that monitor transfusion practices almost always conclude that the amount of inappropriate practices is way more than conceived.
On the other hand, education and training in the field in transfusion always translate into remarkable improvement in patient safety.

This is your chance to get to learn from and interact with experts in this field in Saudi Arabia.


Anyone who orders blood to his patients

All levels:





blood bank

medical technologists

medical students


All Specialties:



General Pathology

Internal Medicine

General Surgery

 Family Medicine

Intensive Care



Obstetric and Gynecology


Emergency Medicine

Vascular Surgery

Trauma Surgery


– Blood donation and donor aspects

– Component production and donor testing

– Transfusion indications I & II

– Pre transfusion testing 

– Blood administration

– Transfusion related adverse reaction 

– Massive transfusion

– Transfusion of sickle cell and hemoglobinopathies

– Neonatal blood transfusion

– Peri operative blood management

– A primer to therapeutic apheresis


Organization committee:

Dr. Kamel Mohammad Alharshan

Dr. Abdulmajeed Alabdullateef

Dr. Ibrahim Mohammad Aldualij

Mr. Saad Alsuraya

Mr. Khalid Ibrahim zawbaee

Mr. Abdullah Alfuqyer

Scientific committee:

Dr. Abdulmajeed Alabdullateef

Dr. Hind Alhumaidan

Dr. Ahmed Albahrani

Dr. Ammar Alsugier

Dr. Omar Alsuhaybani

Dr. Hani AlHashmi

Dr. Mohammad Almuhammadi

Streaming committee:

Dr. Sattam Alsheeha

Dr. Abdulkareem Almoumin

Dr. Mohammad AlAbdulali

Mr. Abdullah Alkhashan


Dr. Nasser Aldwas

Dr. Hani Al Hashmi

Dr. Kamel Alharshan

Dr. Mohammed AlMohammdi

Dr. Hind Alhamaidan

Dr. Essam Alghamdi

Dr. Omer Alsuhaibani

Dr. Ammar Al Sugheir

Dr. Khalid batarfi

Dr. Ahmed Al bahrani

Mr. Omer Al suwayed

Mr. Faisal Al saqri

Mr. Jasem Albasri

Mr. Abdullah AlHarbi

Mr. Khalid Zawbaee


V2V Saudi Transfusion Medicine Symposium

200 SR

Onsite 200 SR
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Contact Us:




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